Best Artists To Ever Appear On American Bandstand

Generally it is nearer to New Year's Eve when I consider the incredible Dick Clark, who broadly facilitated that December 31st occasion on national TV from 1975 until 2004. In any case, it is another prominent show he facilitated that has made me recall Dick Clark somewhat prior in the season this year.

The nation initially wound up plainly familiar with Clark as a result of a week by week demonstrate called American Bandstand, which included well known music demonstrations of the time. Celebrated specialists, for example, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, David Bowie and Cher every single showed up on all through the three decade keep running of the show.

Despite the fact that it has been about overlooked, the show has quite recently as of late increased past due consideration as a result of another video discharged by a conspicuous figure in the realm of shake music. Previous front man of the Smiths, Morrissey, pays reverence to American Bandstand in his new video for "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On the Stage." The melody, which is the main single from Low In High School, is performed on a set much like that of American Bandstand with Morrissey doing a nostalgic move while others influence behind him.

Out of appreciation for the new Morrissey video, here are fifteen of the best craftsmen to perform on the prominent arrangement that kept running from 1956-1987.

The Brady Bunch Kids

Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen took their demonstration from the exemplary sitcom onto the arrangement of Bandstand in 1972.

Wild ox Springfield

In a 1967 scene "For What It's Worth" was the fitting decision for the band, which included Stephen Stills and Neil Young.

The Byrds

A future accomplice of Stills and Young played on the show in 1967 with his first effective band, which did their hit "Eight Miles High."


Once named the British Bob Dylan, Donovan performed "Catch the Wind" in a scene from 1965.

Electric Light Orchestra

In America's bicentennial year these British workmanship rockers showed up on the set to do "Malicious Woman" from the Face the Music collection.

Joe Jackson

Rather than choosing his greatest hit, Jackson picked the moderate paced "It's Different For Girls" for his commitment to a 1979 airing.


Quality Simmons and his covered mates played their huge hit "Shake and Roll All Nite" for Clark in 1978.

The Monkees

At the stature of fame due to their TV arrangement, the group of four sang "I'm a Believer" in 1966.

Wear McLean

An incredible promo for the 1972 show would have been "American Pie" on American Grandstand.

Pink Floyd

The way that Syd Barrett was driving the band is an unmistakable sign that their appearance must be in the early years, when they played "Apples and Oranges" in 1967.

Steely Dan

"My Old School" was fresh out of the box new in 1973, when Donald Fagen and Walter Becker performed it with their jazz shake gathering.

Talking Heads

David Byrne and his band took "Take Me To the River" to the phase of American Bandstand in 1979.


They more likely than not been enticed to play their greatest hit, yet Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook rather picked "I Can't Hold On" and "I've Returned" from their most recent collection Sweets from a Stranger in 1982.

Peculiar Al Yankovic

The sarcastic accordionist performed "Like a Surgeon" in a 1985 airing of Clark's show.

B. B. Ruler

Lucille obviously was in his arms when the blues ruler played "The Thrill Is Gone" for the American Bandstand ausience in 1972.


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